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Here at Safe-word we love all forms of self expression. Our team of experts range from BDSM to people that just enjoy some good-old-fashioned regular loving.

We welcome anyone looking to push the boundaries in their pleasure exploration, or just looking to dabble with a new experience.

If we aren't testing adult products we are most likely writing guides to help make the experience with your new sex toy all the better.

You won't find any oiled up, roided out models on our page, just a no pressure zone to explore your intimacy.

No pop-ups, no ads, no gimmicks, just want our users to have a good time =)

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There are hundreds of adult toys on the market and everyone is unique. We believe there is a perfect match for you, so that’s why we tasked ourselves with testing every toy with our various sexpert’s unique personality so we can make the best recommendation.

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"You guys really make shopping for intimate goodies much more easier. Not sure what it is but I do my research here before making any buys - thanks guys!"
Tara Gonzalez

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