Best Nipple Clamps 2022 (Plus Full Nipple Play Guide)

Best Nipple Clamps 2022 (Plus Full Guide On Nipple Play)

(We Tested and Found the Best Nipple Clamp)

Are you looking for nipple clamps but don’t quite know where to start? Fear not my friend.

Humans are the only species to practice intimacy with the nipples, so feel no shame you want to explore.

Our team of sexperts tested dozens of tit clamps to find the best for beginners to advanced nipple enthusiasts.

Whether you are looking to learn how to use nipple clamps or just want to find the best beginner or advanced tit clips, we have got you covered!

nipple clamps

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Best Nipple Clamp Necklace

Best Nipple Clamp: Triple Chain Vice Grip


Are you looking for the perfect nipple clamp that will accompany your journey from beginner to advanced nipple play? Adorned with three beautiful chains that help with weight for extra pleasure, and two rubber vice grips with adjustment dials so you can tune in to the perfect clamp settings! Look beautiful and feel amazing, this tit clamp has it all!

Tweezer Nipple Clmaps

Best Tweezer Nipple Clamps: Pearl Clamps


These amazing nipple clamps are amazing for beginners and are extremely easy to use. Set with an adjustable brace to tune into your perfect nipple tension setting and light weighted adornment for a beautiful look while adding extra stimulation for your tits. Best of all the amazing price point is a no brainer!


Best Premium Nipple Clamp: Gag Clamp


I know what your thinking, “hey I didn’t want a gag just breast clamps!”. That’s what we said until we tried this amazing hybrid nipple clamp gag. Equipped with two vice grip clamps with adjustable nipple tension dials the nipple clamps alone are extremely effective. Add the silicone (zero harsh taste) ball with breathable ports this combination of domination and nipple pressure is an absolute thrill! Best of all you can remove the gag and let this device hang from your neck if you need to. If you are looking for an uplift in your sexual life, this nipple clamp is ruler of them all!

boob clamp

Best Designed Tit Clamp: Dominix Leather Tit Clamp


Looking for a premium nipple clamp but you don’t want excessive weight and pain? These gorgeous boob clamps are amazing and did we forget to mention you will look amazing in them as well! With a premium leather collar and tweezer adjusted tit clamps for multiple adjustments this nipple clamp is a beautiful master piece!

What are Nipple Clamps?

(Everything You Need to Know)

what are nipple clamps

It seems you’re ready to spice up your sex life a bit, huh?

Well, you’ve come to the perfect place. Here at Safe-word, we are on a mission of opening your sex eyes to the fountains of orgasmic possibilities.

If you’re just venturing on this spectacular journey, nipple clamps are the perfect way to start.

We made sure to cover all the basics. Find out are nipple clamps for you, how they work, and how to play with your nipples to achieve the best climax of your life.

What are Nipple Clamps For and Are They For Me?

If you’re a fan of nipple action you are a perfect candidate to try tit clamps.

“Each nipple has hundreds of nerve endings, making them super sensitive to touch” – Healthline, medically reviewed by Dr.Janet Brito Certified Sex Therapist.

Boobs clamps are fascinating sex toys and one of the most underrated ones. Nipple clamps will basically stimulate your nipples by pinching them, which, we promise you, will send you into a heated frenzy of passion. For something much lighter be sure to try out nipple suckers. For more intense sensations we suggest checking out weighted nipple clamps and for that extra buzz the best are vibrating nipple clamps.

According to Psychologist Barry Kmoisaruk, you can climax from nipple stimulation since nipple play activates the same nerve cortex as clitoral and genital stimulation. Clamps are designed to enhance your pleasure while allowing you to be hands-free to do other fun things in the sack.

Once you learn the basic principles and some juicy tips and tricks, you will enter a whole new world of passion and intimate bonding.

Don’t worry if you aren’t into BDSM. Nipple play can be a delightful experience totally devoid of pain. Once you get to that sweet spot, you might even be able to climax from nipple stimulation alone. You and your nipples can play by yourself! Neat, huh?

Nipple clamps are also used to help enlarge nipple size, nipple orgasms, and even breast care. Let’s dive into the basics of how they work.

How Do Nipple Clamps Work (The Basics)

Nipple clamps are incredibly exhilarating toys because they are designed to give you an ongoing sensation of pleasure by pinching the nipple.

The orgasms you could achieve… Oh boy, let’s just say that you will feel like your nipples are shooting out rainbows of pleasure.

Wearing nipple clamps during sex and removing them as soon as you start to climax will rush your blood straight back into the nipples. That right there is what may lead you to toe-curling, mind-blowing nipplegasm.

The restriction of blood flow and release will give you a sharp rush of pain and endorphins, which will make you feel warm and fuzzy afterward.

Roy Levin of the Department of Biomedical Science reported that manipulation of the nipple enhances sexual arousal in approximately 82% of young women and 52% of young men. So the masses are loving it, we know you will too!

"Approximately 82% of young women and 52% of young men reported that manipulation of the nipple enhances sexual arousal"

What do Nipple Clamps Feel Like?

Nipple Clamps are fantastic because they give you a sensation of sexual charge by squeezing your sweet peaks.

You can decide on the intensity yourself, so the feeling can vary from light intensity to a highly intense rush of pleasure.

Nipple clamps will not hurt you, except if you want them to. They come in many different styles and are completely adjustable for every type of sex play you prefer.

If you aren’t precisely into BDSM, you don’t have to feel any pain using nipple clamps. Only pure and utter pleasure.

At first, you will feel some pinching, which will lead to a dull, somewhat pulling sensation. Nipples are prime erogenous zones loaded with luscious nerve endings, and the blood flow will make you feel fantastic.

How to Use Nipple Clamps

(Beginner Friendly Guide)

how to use nipple clamps

First of all, congratulations on the decision to spice up your relationship with either a loved one or yourself!

You will soon learn all about the compelling ways nipple clamps can enrich your orgasms and allow you to bask in the ultimate pleasures.

We will cover the way to safely and adequately clamp your pleasure hills and the techniques so arousing that you will always keep your nipple clamps close.

Nipple play is exhilarating, so we at safe-word prepared a wellspring of juicy nipple tips and tricks to make you scream from pleasure. Keep reading to learn about how you need to prepare your nipples, how exactly to put nipple clamps on properly, and a detailed step by step guide for those that need some extra instruction.

Do I need to Prepare My Body in Anyway Before Using Tit Clamps?

A fantastic thing about the magical nipple clamps is that you don’t really need to prepare your body in any unique way. Safe-word’s advice? Prepare for nipple play by talking about it with your partner. How far do you want to go? What do you expect? It’s also wise to think of a safe word, just in case. Don’t worry; nipple clamps do not have to hurt at all. Most of them are totally adjustable.

The only requirement is your will to try one of the most pleasurable sex play there is and hardened nipples to place tit clamps on. Et voila! You’re good to go and embark on the nipplegasm journey.

How to Put on Nipple Clamps (The Proper Way)

Before you apply your boob clamps, make sure your nipples are hard and ready. You should place the clamps at the base of the nipple at the areola. If you’ve done it correctly, you will feel a firm pinch that may feel a bit painful for a bit. Not to worry, this pain will soon turn into a goose-bumping rush of sensations. You can always elevate by increasing the pinch by carefully pulling on the clamp or chain, whichever type of clamps you use. Listen to your body and adjust them if necessary.

One important note: How the clamps will attach depends on your specific type of nipple toy. Alligator clamps are very simple to use and hence perfect for beginners. Whichever you choose, make sure to read the instructions carefully.

When the time comes to take nipple clamps off, never rip at them nor tug them. Simply loosen the pressure and remove the clamps.

Most nipple clamps have rubber sleeves which may slide off your nipple with lubricants. Try water based lubricants and keep it to a minimum.

Steps on Using Tit Clamps

There are many different types of nipple clamps, but we compiled a detailed road map for you when working with your tit clamps!

Choose your preferred breast clamp, grab your partner, and hit the sack. We made a simple but effective step-by-step guide to lead you to the reputable nipplegasm.

  1. Pick the nipple clamps for beginners you feel like you would like the most. 
  2. Talk to your partner about the lengths you both are prepared to go to.
  3. Make sure your nipples are hard before applying the tit clamps.
  4. Place the nipple clamps at the base of the nipple at the areola.
  5. You should feel a firm pinch and a dull, almost numb sensation from the squeeze.
  6. Start with the light pressure and slowly work your way up to a more intense pinch.
  7. Experts advise wearing looser clamps for up to 30 minutes and tighter ones up to 15 minutes.
  8. Wear the clamps during sex and remove them as soon as you start to climax.
  9. Listen to your body and adjust your tit clamps during use if necessary.
  10. Take them off by simply loosening the pressure and removing them.
  11. Make sure you discuss a safe word and any other potential safety or measures before your nipple play.

Using Nipple Clamps like a Pro

(Expert Tips and Tricks)

Using Nipple Clamps

We compiled a set of tips and tricks to help you on your journey to the fantastic nipplegasm.

You will learn how to make your vaginal and clitoral orgasms more intense, as well as how to reach that nipple orgasm.

Basically, you will find out how to climax from nipple stimulation and feel the oxytocin force coming in waves of pleasure. Oxytocin (also known as the bonding hormone) is known to facilitate a sense of love and attachment when climax is achieved.

In theory, everyone can achieve this unique sensation. It might take you some practice, but once you discover what works best for your pinch pots, there is no telling how loud you’ll scream.

How to Apply Nipple Clamps For Best Results

Putting tit clamps on for pleasure is actually a pretty simple process.

Most clamp designs allow gentle squeezing of the “handles” of each clamp, so it opens and closes just enough to excitingly stimulate your erect nipple.

Simply position the two sides of the clamps over your nipples, and then slowly release them until you feel the pressure and a pinching sensation.

If the nipple clamps are not tight enough they will fall off with a bit of movement. If they are too tight they may feel a bit uncomfortable. This is something you may have to experiment as there are so many different tit clamps and so many lovely nipple sizes.

You can constantly adjust the tightness to your liking and control the pain level. We suggest starting out with a “comfortable pain” level to get used to it.

How Long Can You Wear Nipple Clamps?

You will be pleased to learn that you can wear nipple clamps for quite a long time.

The general rule says: if your blood flow is cut off, you should wear the clamps on for no more than 30 minutes at the time. When starting out we suggest experimenting with 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off just to get used to things.

The length of the time varies from person to person, and it also depends on the type of nipple clamps you’re using.

The way you use tit clamps also matters.

To be completely safe, make sure to play at the low end of the tension scale at first, then work your way up.

By gradually building the tension, you will see what you like and how long you want it. Remember – the most pleasurable moment comes the moment you take your nipple clamps off.

Tit clamps can be worn for much longer than you think. Keep a rule of thumb and never wear your clamps longer than 30 minutes as an advanced user and for a beginner start with 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off.

Nipple Clamp Orgasm - How to Do it Right

With some expert tips and tricks, everyone can climax during nipple play.

We advise choosing a pair of nipple clamps attached by a chain. Those tit clamps are excellent because the chain adds a bit of extra “weight” that will give your nipples more sensation.

Start slowly with some gentle foreplay with your partner.

Caress, pinch, and tease your nipples until they get hard. At this point, attach your tit clamps and start the play!

Mix it up by removing the clamps when you want the blood to rush in and throw in some pulling, twisting, tugging, gripping, tickling, and teasing your nipples to reach the ultimate nipple orgasm.

If you want to reach an ultra-intense climax, add a pinch of pain into the whole play.

Make some rougher pulls and combine that with the tickling and teasing. Sometimes it helps to watch videos of people that have achieved nipple orgasms as this will show you how they are building up to the climax using nipple clamps.

A good, tight grip will enhance the sensation and take you to the climax you are looking for.

Why Use Nipple Clamps

(Are They Worth It?)

Why use nipple Clamps

Trust us when we say: nipple play is sooo worth it.

In this section, we will reveal why you should buy your first pair as soon as you can. The rewards of nipple play are immense!

Here’s why:

Reaching a climax via nipple play is excellent because nipples are primary erogenous zones full of luscious nerve endings that burst with pleasure when adequately stimulated.

The nipplegasm causes your hypothalamus to release oxytocin, a happiness hormone that will make you feel warm and fuzzy and strengthen your bond with your partner.

We will explain how nipple play is not just fun and orgasmic but also a really healthy practice.

Do Women Like Nipple Clamps?

Thanks to the titties being one of the primary erogenous zones full of delicious nerve endings, nipple play is a highly arousing practice that many women enjoy.

According to, a whopping 82% of women feel enhanced sexual arousal with any manipulation to the nipple.

Nipple clamps are excellent because women can use them with or without their partners.

Nipple stimulation alone is enough to reach a bursting climax.

Nipple clamps do not have to hurt at all. If you aren’t into BDSM, you can play with them and just dabble a bit just to help add a bit of spice to your relationship.

While tit clamps are often associated with BDSM, many women use them to achieve just a pinch of painful but generally delightful sensations. 


Purpose of Nipple Clamps: Nipple Orgasms

While men typically enjoy below-the-belt stimulation, women are lucky to have multiple erogenous zones. Dildos and vibrators aren’t the only way to climax these days,

Nipples are one of the most wondrous of them.

Nipplegasms are indeed a thing, and if you learn how to stimulate them with nipple clamps, your body will quickly be ready to burst with pleasure.

Nipple orgasms are actually a full-body experience that nor you nor your partner will ever forget. Licking, squeezing, pulling, tugging, or pinching – take your choice.

Choosing the best nipple clamps can lead you to the best climax of your life.

These sex toys are specially designed to help you reach nipplegasm while looking extremely hot.

Tit clamps will feed all of your orgasmic senses with pleasure because guess what? The tingling sensations from the nipples travel to the same part of the brain, as do sensations from your vagina, clitoris, and cervix. 


Did you know that nipple clamps promote the same benefits as the Manual Lymphatic Drainage technique to promote breast health.

Did You Know Nipple Clamps Help with Breast Health?

Nipple clamps are not just sex toys. Nipple stimulation actually guards your breast health and boosts your immune system.

Nipplegasms are essentially breast care because this type of climax offers you immune protection.

Sexual breast stimulation reduces the risk of breast cancer. That fact, dear friend, is backed up by science.

Moreover, nipple stimulation techniques are nearly identical to the movements used in Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques to promote lymphatic flow.

Isn’t that just the perfect bonus to the mind-blowing pleasure?

Research Behind Best Nipple Clamp Overall

Nipple Clamp with Chain

We loved this nipple clamp! 

If you are looking for tit clamps that have endless adjustment opportunities then this is it.

The adjustable dials and double chain make this nipple clamp perfect for beginners and for BDSM experts looking for a maximum pinch.

The double chains work as extra weight to help add extra pleasure! If the clamp outputs too much pressure it’s nothing to down tune the nipple clamp dial. Not only that this premium tit clamp will look absolutely stunning on you.

How Did This Vice Grip Tit Clamp Perform?

Before adding anything to our inventory we thoroughly test out our products. Yes, you heard us! We put these babies on and it was delightful.

The performance on this breast clamp was outstanding but did come with a tiny learning curve. We started with coconut oil for lubricant but found it to be slippery and the larger rubber clamps kept slipping off. Water-based lubricants are better and very little at that. Apply just a bit and use a dry hand to pat it down so it’s just slightly moist.

The rubber clamps are extremely soft so some of us decided to not use lubricant and it was still very comfortable.

We recommend trying to apply these clamps without lube first and also to adjust the tension dial to leave it on a lower pain setting.

Try this nipple clamp with little to no lubricant. The rubber sleeves are extremely comfortable.

What We Loved About The Best Overall Nipple Clamp

There are just a lot of little treats that come with this boob clamp!

For most clamps you cannot remove the rubber to wash and this poses an issue with rust on nipple clamps. We loved how you could slide the rubber off easily to wash.

The other thing we loved about this tit clamp was the double chain necklace. First of all, it looks stunning! The real purpose of the triple chain is to add extra weight to your nipples, so if the pain is not enough on the maximum dial the weight of the chains will give you more than the standard one chain nipple clamp. This means that this clamp can cater to absolute beginners and nipple pain junkies!

As we were testing one of our applicants unpinched one of the clamps to achieve a nipple orgasm and saw quickly that all the weight from the dropped clamp applied to the second nipple for even more delight. The possibilities with this nipple clamp are truly endless!

Research Behind Best Budget and Beginner Nipple Clamps

Tweezer Nipple Clmaps

New to the nipple orgasm world? 

These entry-level tit clamp tweezers are an amazing way to get started.

With adjustable neck brace, comfortable rubber sleeves, and beautiful adornment that acts also as extra weight (very minor).

These nipple clamps have a great price point and are extremely easy to use. Let’s dive into what our testing sexperts had to say about this tit clamp.

How Well Did These Beginner Nipple Clamps Perform?

Out of all the nipple clamps we tested these clamps were by far the easiest to use.

These nipple clamps are ideal for beginners because there are no chains which mean you can apply each clamp separately versus trying to attach two at once.

Also we loved that the adjustment brace was very easy to adjust even with the clamps already on you.

We suggest you adjust the brace to about 70% and place the clamps on and then adjust down or up. Make sure to apply the clamp directly behind the nipple nub.

Tweezer breast clamps can hold much easier because they have less surface area and can directly pinch an area you prefer which makes them great for people that are a bit pickier with their nipple pleasuring.

Don’t take it the wrong way, even though this tit clamp is perfect for beginners, you can adjust this clamp to maximum settings for extreme pleasure and pain!

The adornments on this tit clamp has a soft whip lash effect when you and your partner are engaged in any position to give amazing stimulation - hands free.

Why This is the Best Beginners Nipple Clamp

Beginners are usually looking for something that will make them look beautiful and help them experiment with nipple pleasure.

This nipple clamp truly hits all areas for beginners including an amazing price point.

But what we truly loved was that these amazing boob clamps had many more features!

The dangling adornments help act as extra weight. Because they are not linked to a chain if you were in any moving position (just about any position with your partner that moves your breast) these adornments have a soft whiplash effect that adds extra sensation to your nipples!

Not only that you can adjust these nipple clamps for maximum tension with the weighted décor and it will even make the most advanced BDSM lovers cringe with delight.

Research Behind Best Premium Nipple Clamps


I can see your eyes widening! Hear me out! We included this hybrid nipple clamp for good reasons.

Not only does this clamp have soft rubber, adjustable vice grips, but this amazing pleasure contraption is also packed full of hidden pleasures.

Our guards were up to when one of our experts recommended testing this nipple clamp to be placed in our top position 3 best nipple clamps.

After testing we have a long list of reasons why this is the best premium nipple clamp. Keep reading to find out why.

How Did this Hybrid Nipple Clamp Gag Perform?

We tested these nipple clamps last so this gave us a bit of experience with attaching clamps. We recommend that you attach the clamps first before putting the ball gag in.

The nipple clamps themselves is protected with a soft rubber sleeve that can be detached for washing to prevent rust. Each clamp is equipped with custom tension dials that allow you to customize your experience with various pressure levels. 

Keep in mind the chain also acts as a weight and creates a whiplash effect during positional movements with your partner. So just the clamps alone will bring extreme pleasure and comfort.

What makes this nipple clamp so great is that it truly gives you the best of both worlds. Nipple clamps bring heightened sensations and pleasure to the nipples hand-free, but a gag allows you to practice domination. Even if you aren’t a BDSM expert just earing a gag brings another level of mental pleasure. Trying to express pleasure with a gag or biting down on the gag is an amazing feeling.

Mix both together and you get a frenzy of contrasting pleasures that just brings you into another world.

Best ball gag hands down. Doesn't ache the jaw and you can keep it on for quite some time because of the air holes. Makes breathing really easy. -Angela B.

Why This Hybrid was the Best Preimium Nipple Clamp

It’s not enough just to say that the nipple clamps on this product were amazing. The gag is made from food-grade silicone with zero harsh taste and perfect for beginners with breathable portholes.

What we loved about this product was that during testing we could easily remove the gag and let it hang on our neck. Our partners could just as easily shove it back in our mouths when they wanted to – yes, please. And all while this was happening did we forget about the amazing sensations the premium vice grip tit clamps were producing?

Try dropping both clamps when you are about to climax and you will get a nipple orgasm alongside a silicone ball to bit down on and muffle your screams of euphoria. This potent combination of sex toys is a dream team!

An Amazing Tit Clamp with Lighter Tension Options

boob clamp

Are you looking for a beautiful look and more beginner-friendly clamps?

The DOMINIX nipple clamp is an amazing option. Nipple clamp tweezers are great for beginners and people look for a more precision clamping for nipple pleasure.

The collar helps offset weight so this nipple clamp can be adjusted for absolute beginners with very little pain.

Oh, and did we mention you will look absolutely gorgeous in this?

The Perfect Premium Nipple Clamp for Beginners

Remember nipple clamps deliver pressure from how tight the clamps are and also how much weight is on them. When your clamps are attached with chains and the chains dangle it creates more weight.

For someone looking for a pain-friendly way to dive into nipple pleasure, these clamps are truly a winner. 

The collar helps support the chains to offset the weight allowing you to adjust the neck braces on your tweezer tit clamps to tune into your perfect comfort level.

If you are looking to elevate the tension level simply adjust the clamps to get a perfect tension!

The collar on this breast clamp is perfect for offsetting weight for beginner nipple clamp users.

Look Beautiful and Feel Amazing with This Boob Clamp

If you are looking for a nipple clamp that truly gives you a stunning look then this tip clamp will absolutely deliver.

While the collar offsets weight it does not stop this boob clamp from giving a soft whiplash from different positions you may engage with your partner.

While it may look a bit intimidating this beautiful tit pincher is absolutely amazing for beginners!

Why Trust Our Research?

Here at Safe-Word our team of sexperts buys dozens of sex toys to test them before ever stocking anything in our inventory. We tested over 10 nipple clamps before placing any of them in our list to recommend. Unlike most sites, our products are tested by real couples and a wide range of participants from beginners to advanced to give you all the details about the nipple clamp so you can have the smoothest time possible with your new tit clamps.

If you have a suggestion for better nipple clamps feel free to contact us for us to test!


Nipple clamps are amazing. In this article, we discussed what is a nipple clamp, how to use a nipple clamp, and of course why use nipple clamps in the first place.

A nipple clamp is a gift that will keep giving from nipple orgasms to breast health care, your tit clamps will be your new favorite sex toy.

Breast clamps allow your partner and you to have hands free for other activities while prepping your nipples for explosive pleasures. 

Tit clamps are a very healthy act and more and more women and men are bravely exploring their rightful passion with their own body.

If you are thinking of exploring the world of boob clamps then we invite you into the realm of true pleasure and wonder! 

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