Best Nipple Suckers 2022 (With Full Tit Suction Guide)

(We Tested and Found the Best Nipple Sucker Toys)

What’s the big deal with nipple suckers and everyone fan Girling over nipple suction?

Is it worth the hype?

You bet your tits they are!

A nipple sucker is the perfect sex toy that helps you achieve nipple stimulation and can lead to the path of a nipple orgasm!

Let’s break down everything from how to use nipple suckers to our sexpert tested best nipple suckers of 2022!

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Best Nipple Suckers of 2022

Tested by Our Sex Experts!

Best Overall Nipple Suckers: Velvet Soft

nipple suckers

Best Overall Nipple Suckers: Velvet Soft

We love these nipple suckers! From the velvety soft rubber nipple suction made from 100% food grade and medical skin-safe silicone, this nipple suction cup is an awesome choice for beginners to advanced nipple pleasure lovers.

Whether you want to show your nipples some love or promote nipple growth these are super affordable and best of all they promote no bacterial growth and are nearly indestructible!

nipple suction

Best Premium Nipple Suction: Nipple Suction Cups

While most standard nipple suckers are not transparent, the Dominix nipple suction cups offers you a chance to pleasure your nipples while seeing them as well. The ergonomic design allows for easy pumping to stimulate the nipples. This nipple suction toy was designed to pump as well while holding to the skin and bringing heightened pleasures to your nipples once removed. 

nipple sucker

We Love this Nipple Sucker: Twist Nipple Suctions

If this isn’t your first rodeo and you are looking for a step up with nipple suction then this twist device is definitely for you. The twist function on this nipple sucker creates a much more hyper-focused tension in the nipple that delivers much more sensation than a standard nipple sucker. There is no quick release function so this sex toy is meant for more advanced users looking to step up the pleasure they can bring to their nipples.

What do Nipple Suckers Do?

(Everything You Need to Know)

tit suction

If you’re a nipple play fan and still haven’t given nipple suckers a try, you have no idea what you’ve been missing.

As the name itself implies, nipple suckers are sex toys specially designed to mimic your partner’s sucking on your pinch pots to create intensely pleasurable sensations.

After all, nipples are biologically designed to be sucked on.

The tiny holes in the nipples which allow the milk to flow through ducts produce glands that release the powerful hormone oxytocin.

You know, the “love hormone” is known to cause happy bonding feelings and reduce stress. The exact natural mechanism that enhances bonding with a baby during breastfeeding can also make nipple suction both soothing and highly arousing sexual activity.

On top of all these lovely benefits, you can actually achieve toe-curling nipplegasms, which can turn into all-body orgasms you never imagined were possible. If you enjoy nipple play but are still sort of a newbie, nipple suckers are THE sex toy you must try.

They are way gentler than clamps while still allowing you to reach climax. We at Safe-word are here to share all the tips and tricks with you. Keep reading to learn more!

What are Nipple Suckers and are they For Me?

If you’re thinking of incorporating a bit more nipple sucking into your sex games, quality tit suckers are an excellent tool to deepen your sexual experience.

Nipple suckers are wonderful sex toys made out of perfectly skin-safe silicone that you simply place on your nipples and squeeze for suction.

They latch onto your nipples and act as little pleasure mouths, gently increasing blood flow with their suction.

If you use it for a few minutes at a time, your ta ta’s will become engorged and really pert. Super hot.

If you enjoy it when your partner sucks on your nipples, you will love nipple suctions. Especially since your partner can do some licking and sucking elsewhere.

If you are looking for something a bit stronger we recommend nipple clamps and if you want to add some extra spice make sure to check out ball gags.

If you’re flying solo, no problem, right?

A fantastic thing about nipple suckers is that you can place them in other places on your body, such as the clitoris or labia’s.

With a little bit of sexual investigation and practice, you could achieve both nipple and clitoral orgasms with this nipple sucker sex toy. At the same time!

How do Nipple Suckers Work (The Basics)

Tit suction is an incredibly arousing sexual activity that could make you want to invest in some sound isolation at home.

Nipples are extremely sensitive to licking, pinching, massaging, and sucking.

Nipple suckers do that perfectly, freeing your hand for other fun stuff.

Since your highly sensitive orbs react to nipple suckers with shivers of pleasure, there is a high possibility you’ll achieve a mind-blowing nipplegasm.

In fact, research has shown that 3 percent of women can have an orgasm through breast and nipple stimulation alone! We believe the numbers are small because women don’t realize yet it’s even possible and we would like to change those statistics!

If anything is going to help you get there, it’s a nipple suction device.

Nipple sucker toys is an excellent way to stimulate this hyper-sensitive erogenous zone, which links with the same brain region corresponding to the genitals.

Lavishing your peaches with extra attention is so worth it because tit stimulation arouses the sensory cortex in the brain, which, in turn, heats the genitals right up.

Silicone nipple suckers are also a terrific way to temporarily get more prominent, more responsive nipples. Enjoy approximately five to ten minutes of delightful sucking, and then remove them.

That’s actually when the real fun begins. Your boobs are now incredibly sensitive to anything done to them, so start playing!

Nipple Clamps are used to bring pleasure to your nipples and ultimately guide you into a nipple orgasm.

What Hurts More Nipple Clamps or Suckers?

If you’re a beginner in the nipple play sex toy world, clamps might look a bit daunting.

However, nipple suckers are ideal for newbies because they are way gentler than nipple-clamps.

For starters, clamps are perfect for creating pinching and tugging sensations and can cause some pain.

Tit suction, on the other hand, give the pleasurable, sucking feeling and enhance nipples’ sensitivity.

Nipple suction is totally safe and pain-free, yet they still provide outstanding stimulation and mind-blowing nipplegasms.

Nipple-clamps are made to firmly grip/pinch the nipples, and allow you to pull, tug, and twist them. Nipple suction hugs your precious chest berries and gently suck on them.

Both work the same way; they draw the blood into your hooter handles. And after you remove them, you get the same result.

Your boob cherries get perky and super-sensitive, so other nipple play turns into a profoundly arousing experience.

How to Use Nipple Suckers

(Beginner Friendly Guide)

how to use nipple suckers

Are you ready to give your nipples some love? We at here to help teach you everything you need to know to unlock the doors to indescribable pleasures using nipple suckers, god bless them.

Your first step will be to buy them, and that’s about the most complicated it gets.

You will learn that nipple suction cups are very easy to use. You simply pinch the end, place your pinch pot in the opening, and let go of the bulb.

You’ll get instant, hands-free suction, which will stay while you’re doing other fun stuff.

Before we begin with the concrete steps, let’s talk a bit about the essential preparations.

Do I Need to Prepare My Body in Anyway Before Using Nipple Suction Cups?

Besides discussing your emotions with your partner before playing, it’s good to prepare your tits for nipple suction.

That’s where you should involve some water-based lube. In fact, you should treat your nipples like your treating your sensitive clitoris or penile glans.

Lube makes it easier for tit suckers to stick and protects your boobies from bruises.

Also, it’s a fact that you can achieve more pleasure with lubrication. Lube feels real, real good, so we  recommend going for good quality lubricant and a little nipple stimulation beforehand to harden the nipple never hurt anyone!

How to Put Nipple Suction Cups on the Breast (The Proper Way)

Start by putting a bit of water-based lubricant on your the rim of the openings of the nipple sucker. Then place the open end and place them over the nipples evenly  and squeeze the ball to let the suction attachment to your nipples. And voila! That’s it.

When it’s time to take them off, it’s an equally simple process. The safest way to do it is to squeeze the ball and then release it. Popping the suckers off will hurt, and this method is meant for those seeking a bit more painful pleasure. We will talk about that in the expert section below for those that are looking for a bit more pain from their tit suckers.

Most nipple clamps have rubber sleeves which may slide off your nipple with lubricants. Try water based lubricants and keep it to a minimum.

Steps On Using a Nipple Sucker

Putting nipple suckers on is a piece of cake. You simply pinch the end, place them on the nipple, and release. There’s no way your nipple suctions will come of unless you want them to. They are super easy to use:

1. Put some water-based lubricant on the rim of the open end of the nipple suckers.

2. Pinch the bulb of the nipple sucker device.

3. Place the bulb over the nipple evenly and make contact with the lubed rim edge to your skin.

4. Release the bulb and let the suction do the rest!

5. Let the games begin

6. Take them off by squeezing the bulb end of nipple sucker and then puling away gently.

7. Now that your nipples are extra sensitive, the real fun starts with the blood rushing back into the breast.

Using Nipple Suckers Like a Pro

(Expert Tips and Tricks)

Although nipple suckers are typically gentle nipple play sex toys, you can also use them to achieve mind-blowing orgasms.

You just need to know-how.

Luckily, you have us at Safe-word to guide you through this thrilling process of nipple suction.

You will learn all the tips and tricks to achieve multiple nipplegasms using tit suckers for both pain and pleasure-driven orgasms.

You will find out precisely how to put and pop off your tit suction toys to achieve exploding nipplegasms and take your nipple play to the next level. You’ll feel like you’re shooting rainbows out of your tip toppers.

How to Get Best Pleasure from Nipple Suckers

Nipple suction devices are a great sex tool for exploring nipple play and bask in the pool of many arousing sensations.

If you’re into BDSM, and you like a little pain to spice up your sex life, nipple suckers are THE toy.

Place them on your tits, pinch the top, and play with them. Follow your imagination and see what works for you.

Pulling on your nipple sucker toys will definitely arouse you if you like it a little bit rough. Have fun for a couple of minutes. Increase the stimulation by tugging back and forth at them like someone is sucking your nipples really hard.

When you wish to climax, pull the silicone nipple suckers off. This will create some pain and take you to the next level. (You will hear a popping sound of the suction releasing – but please take note this is advisable for beginners).

Right when you remove them, that’s where the absolute pleasure begins. Your blood will rush back to your nipples, making them hard and super-sensitive to any subsequent touches.

Whatever you wish to do to your pinch pots, trust us – it will feel utterly fabulous.

How Long Should You Use the Nipple Suckers?

To be completely safe from bruising, you should wear your nipple sucker sex toy for no more than ten minutes at a time.

After a few minutes, take them off to let your blood return to your nipples. Then you can pop them back on and enjoy the stimulation again.

In the meantime, use the extra sensitivity for some serious nipple play. You should be completely safe if you use them off and on for 10 minutes at a time.

It’s recommended to use some water-based lubrication to prevent bruising and provide better suction. 

Remember these are general guidelines and we had more than 10 participants and each one recorded different durations of wearing their silicone nipple suckers. 

So 10 minutes is a general guideline but experiment what works best for you!

Tit clamps can be word for much longer than you think. Keep a rule of thumb and never wear your clamps longer than 30 minutes.

Nipple Sucker Toys for Orgasms of the Nipple

Nipplegasm is just one of the types of orgasms we humans are capable of experiencing.

Yet, many completely ignore that wonderful body part packed with delicious nerve endings which flare up when adequately stimulated.

Nipples are just as sensitive as genitalia. In fact, there is a solid neurological link between nipples and the famous clitoris.

Essentially, the same part of the brain lights up when your playing with them. Imagine putting those two together? Well, with nipple suction – you can!

Nipplegasms are real because nipples react to various touches as intensely as they do it quickly.

You can play with them in so many amazing ways, and nipple suckers are amongst the best sex toys you could gift them.

Place them on your tits and start playing. Mix it up between pulling, tugging, and twisting your tit suckers to combine pleasure and pain.

Do this for a few minutes and take a deep breath. Trust us, you’re going to need it. Because once you pop you nipple sucker sex toy off, your engorged tits will become extremely sensitive. Now show them some love!

To take things up a notch, you can place a sucker on your clitoris and combine the pleasures.

Why Suction Nipples in the First Place?

(Are They Worth It?)

nipple sucker sex toy

Nipple suction is THE way to take you to the great nipplegasm.

Think of all the nerve endings packed in these small rosy orbs. If you love a nice quality tit sucking, just imagine what tit suckers could do for you.

For anyone enjoying gentle tit sucking and the feeling it provides, nipple suckers are a must.

The caressing-like feeling they give to your ta ta’s can hardly be replaced with anything else other than your partner’s mouth.

And that’s not always so practical, right? Tit suckers are excellent because they allow hands-free stimulation, so you can have fun doing other things.

Tit suction provides the same sensations as nipple-clamps, but they are totally painless unless you want them to be. That’s why this sex toy is perfect for newbies and all-out kinksters out there.

However far you want to go, you can. It’s the ideal sex tool to reach toe-curling orgasms, deepen the intimacy between partners, and have some solo fun. There are no limits to the pleasures you could achieve with these tit suckers.

Other than making you feel like you’ll burst with excitement, nipple suckers will also make your tits look fantastic. After a few minutes of use, your boobs will get bigger and super-perky.

Fun fact: Breasts can increase in size by as much as 25% during sexual arousal!

Another great thing about a nipple suction device – you can use them on the clitoris too!

Do Women Like Using a Nipple Sucker Sex Toy?

Women adore nipple suckers because they do what nipples like best – lighting up all the nerve endings in the tits.

There are so many sex triggers packed in the tiny space of your areolas, so it’s no wonder even a slight stimulation might send you through the roof with pleasure.

Nipplegasms are real, and they are relatively easy to achieve with fantastic toys such as nipple sucker toys.

So, when you incorporate a sex toy as fantastic as a nipple sucker, you won’t even want to travel without them.

For any queen out there thinking about dabbling into some light king, opt for nipple sucking device. They are incredibly beginner-friendly and gentle but still provide so many toe-curling pleasure benefits.

The great thing about nipple suckers is that they aren’t just meant for couples’ play.

Use them to amp your solo sessions too. Besides treating your nipples to some sucking sensations, use them on your clitoris as a fun alternative to vibrators.

The sucking will feel extra-sensational, similar to the natural mouth doing the work. After all, science has proven that massaging and sucking your nipples lights up your brain the same way massaging your genitals does.

Purpose of Tit Suction: Nipple Orgasms

Nipples are just as solid erogenous zones as genitals, yet they are often ignored when aroused.

No, nipple orgasms are not a myth. They are actually reasonably easy to achieve if you know-how. Nipple play is the way.

Pinching, licking, tugging, twisting, and sucking. The latter is incredibly arousing to your bazoombas for all of the nerves waiting to be triggered.

Just a few minutes of good suction, and you’re off to orgasm planet. Don’t worry, this does not have to hurt at all.

Suction cup nipple toys are actually an incredibly sexy, but at the same time, gentle way to stimulate your nipples on the path to nipplegasm. When it’s time, pop them off and start playing with your breast.

Did you know that nipple clamps promote the same benefits as the Manual Lymphatic Drainage technique to promote breast health.

Did You Know Nipple Suction Helps with Breast Health Care

Nipples suckers are essentially breast care.

Studies have shown that nipple orgasms offer immune protection.

Moreover, sexual breast stimulation reduces the risk of breast cancer. That means that while you’re tit sucking your way to climax, you also mimic the techniques identical to the movements used in Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques to promote lymphatic flow.

Preatty cool, right?

Research Behind Color Play Silicone Nipple Suckers

purple sucker

If you want something that delivers great results while saving money then these tit suction toys will be perfect for you.

They are all around great nipple sucker toys with an amazing price tag.

Let’s break down what our researchers had to say about this amazing nipple sucking device.

Why We Loved these Tit Suckers

There are a lot of nipple toys! Nipple suckers can be a bit confusing as there are many variations in just this nipple sub category.

Sometimes you just need a perfect tit sucker toy that has a great price, is beginner friendly, will stand the test of time, and can also accommodate users looking to advanced their nipple play!

This nipple sucker brought a few of our testers to nipple orgasms (see our expert section above) and for our first time testers they said they loved the simplicity and feel of this device.

If you aren’t sure what nipple sucker to buy, we recommend starting here because this nipple suction cup will accompany you from beginner to advanced in all of your nipple play journey.

The perfect nipple sucker for beginners to advanced, priced amazing, and built to last!

What Our Testings Showed About This Nipple Suction Cup

We loved this nipple suction cup! All of our sexperts that tested this product had zero complains and all of our beginner testers also showed extremely positive experiences.

These nipple suction cups stayed locked on through various positions such as cowgirl and doggy style, and when we needed to release they came off very easily.

The best part is the combination of things you can do with these toys. You can tug a bit to enhance the sucking feeling and once you take them off your partner can play with your ultra sensitive nipples to help you reach climax through your nipples.

If you are looking for a nipple suction cup that can deliver results, this is it!

Research Behind Best Nipple Suction Cups

nipple suction

We are not going to lie to you, when we decided to test this product we had no idea where to start. 

It didn’t take long for us to realize how awesome these nipple suction cups really were!

Let’s break down all the amazing features of this nipple sucker and why it made it into our top 4 best nipple suckers of 2021!

A Nipple Suction Cup with Plenty of Added Features

So why is this the best premium option? First of all this is a nipple sucker. It does everything a standard nipple suction toy would do but you can think of it as having “extra features”.

The first notable feature we discovered (only after testing) is that this nipple suction cup creates more tension than standard nipple suckers.

Why is this? If you look closely at this sex toy you will notice that it has an added bubble area that allows for more suction to occur with this device. So if your standard nipple suckers are not doing the job and you are looking for extra pleasure then this is a great option.

The next thing is that the opening of this nipple sucker has a wider coverage area and this delivers a larger pleasure readius. Not only that the pump allows you to add extra sensations as you pump to increase the suction.

Lastly, some people love seeing the pleasure and intensity that is happening to their nipples and this sex toy does just that! You can watch as your nipples engorge and that is super hot!

This nipple suction cup has plenty of extra bells and whistles that truly deliver much more sensation and pleasure than a standard nipple sucker.

So How did this Nipple Suction Cup Perform Under Stress Test?

When it comes to nipple suckers this device is truly a great one.

If you are looking for a nipple sucker that can bring you to orgasm (with a lot of practice) this sex device is really great. 

For solo play it’s perfect. It has so many things you can do to enhance your own nipple play because let’s face it nobody can do it as well as you can!

But how did these nipple suckers do when a partner comes in play? We were pleasantly surprised to see that most of our testers report that they had a great experience with their partners. 

From going over the data we observed that the testers that did first play with this product themselves had an amazing experience with their partners later.

The reason being is they learned how to use this nipple suction cup efficiently alone first and once they dived into the sack with their significant other they had an amazing time! 

That’s because their partner was able to do what they do best while the tester used the nipple suction cup to  enhance their experience. 

We Loved this Weighted Nipple Clamp and We Know You Will Too!

nipple sucker

If you are an advanced user with nipple suckers and you are looking to step up the pain and pleasure levels this is the perfect nipple sucker for you.

Also if you love the standard nipple suckers but they just can’t pinpoint the exact level of pleasure you want’ this nipple sucking device trumps all the other nipple suckers when it comes to the perfect pressure settings.

Let’s break down what our experts had to say after testing this nipple suction device.

So Why Did This Nipple Sucker Sex Toy Make Top 4?

We understand most people reading this article will be first time tit sucker buyers. With that being said they may be looking for a nipple sucker that is great all around.

For those of you that already know your sensitivity levels with your nipples and prefer a much stronger suction feeling then you may want to skip the other recommendations and go for this tit sucker.

The screw suction cup offers a much more intense suction and not only that it allows you to screw instead of press a bulb which gives you more control on the pressure you deliver.

You can bring your nipples to much more heightened pleasures by slowly screwing to your threshold and pushing that limit without worrying about over doing it.

Out of all the nipple suckers we tested there were none quite as suction focused as this product. For nipple enthusiast looking to really amp up their chances of nipple orgasms’ we highly recommend this  suction cup nipples toy.

The screw function allows you to get a much more suction and also a very precise suction. This nipple sucker is for people looking to step their nipple play up.

One of the Best Performing Nipple Suckers for Orgasms'.

While some of our testers felt the suction was a bit too much (beginners) this was the nipple sucker that brought our testers the most orgasms – nipple orgasms.

We can speculate all we want but the increased suction pressure and the ability to narrow in exact pressure levels to the nipples was key.

After removing the tit suckers our researches all said that their nipples were extremely sensitive and and some were able to climax through nipple stimulation alone – pretty cool right?

If you are a beginner just keep this nipple suction cup device in the back of your mind because we feel everyone should eventually move over to this device.

Why Trust Our Research?

Here at Safe-Word our team of sexperts buys dozens of sex toys to test them before ever stocking anything in our inventory. We tested over 15 nipple suckers from cheap factory-built to premium handmade tit suckers!

Our experts tested various nipple sucker sex toys and documented their experience based on comfort, tension, orgasm, pain, and so much more.

Then we input more data points such as price, company shipping, customer experience, and packaging. We found the best-weighted nipple clamps so you can make sure your money is spent on only the best.

All of our articles are updated every three months so look out for new nipple suction toys that may enter our top 4 list! 

If you have a recommendation please reach out to let us know so we can test it against the current nipple weights on this page!


Nipple suckers are just an all around amazing sex toy.

Nipple suction toys are a gentler atlernative to clamps while still bringing heightned stimulation to the nipples that can lead to nipple orgasms.

Weighted clamps also can help lead you to orgasms through the nipple faster than standard clamps can, and best of all the momentum help swing the nipple weights to give you a burst of extended pleasure.

We hope our research has helped you find your next favorite nipple sucker, and if not we hope that our research does guide you in finding a nipple suction cup that is prefect for you.

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