Vibration Nipple Clamps Ultra Guide (Best Electronic Nipple Clamps of 2022)

(We Tested and Found the Best Vibrating Clamps)

Vibrating nipple clamps are a best kept secret between nipple play enthusiast.

If you’re looking for a step-up from standard clamps, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article we are going to show you 2022’s best electric nipple clamps and for the absolute beginners, what are vibrating nipple clamps and exactly how to use them!

Vibrating nipple toys are fantastic, whether you use them alone or with a partner.

Trust us, this sexcessory and its powerful pulsations will change your life.

vibrating nipple clamps

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Best Vibrating Nipple Clamps (2022)

- Tested by Our Experts
- We Reviewed Dozens
-Research Behind our Testing

What are Vibrating Nipple Clamps?

-Are They For Me?
-Purpose of Vibration
-How do they Feel like?

How to Use Vibrating Nipple Clamps

-Cordless or with cord?
-Preparing Nipple Properly
-Using Vibrating Clamps

Why Use a Vibrating Nipple Clamp?

-Nipple Orgasms
-Hands Free Partner
-Breast Health Benefits

Best Vibrating Nipple Clamps of 2022

Tested by Our Sex Experts!

vibrating nipple clips

Best Overall Electric Nipple Clamp: Nipplettes Electric Clamps

The perfect solution for hands free nipple play. Skin safe rubber-coat material that delivers the most optimal pinch by adjusting the tension dial. With a touch of a button the vibrators are located in the rear end of the clamp sending the perfect amount of vibrations to your nipples. You or your partners hands are free to focus on other areas such as clitoris, labia, or your personal favorite hot-zones.

electric nipple clamps

Best Budget Electric Nipple Clamps: Sweeet Tease 

We found a few bad reviews on this product so we decided to test ourselves. Just to note, we did love this product and the vibrations were extremely great, but we understand why people did complain. These are not standard clamps, they use a tightening system with rubber grips which actually, to us, felt much more like fingers gripping a nipple. So it is gentler grip compared to a pinch. All in all, great product for a great price if you are willing to take the time to adjust it right the first time. See our research for a more in-depth review.

vibrating nipple clamp

Best Premium Vibrating Nipple Clips: Nipple Play 

Yeah, yeah they look like upside down rotisserie chicken but holy hell do these things rock! The clamps open completly and lock into a perfect pinch positioning to give you all the benefits of standard clamps. The key difference is that the vibrations are not at the bottom but rather in the arms of the clamps giving you direct stimulation to the nipple versus other clamps that pulse from the bottom. Ontop of that it’s wireless with 12 different settings and you can charge these bad girls directly from your phone! We loved these electronic nipple clamps!

vibrating nipple toys

We Love this Electronic Nipple Clamp: WaterProof Vibrating Nipplettes

Bath time will never be the same. Water proof vibrating nipple clips with a showerhead in your lower regions is an amazing option for self-play. While we recommended this product as best overall vibrating nipple toy we thought you might like this new color option if pink isn’t for you. 

What are Vibrating Nipple Clamps?

(Everything You Need to Know)

vibrating nipple clamps

So just what are vibrating nipple clamps you ask?

Vibrating nipple clips are standard clamps connected to a tiny motor that provides delightful impulses that will make your nipples tremble with pleasure.

Don’t worry; this does not hurt at all.

We could say that electric nipple clamps are something like bullet vibrators, but for your tits.

It is a sex toy that delivers combined sensations of pinching and vibration.

This pleasure contrast causes adrenaline and endorphins to rush and send a powerful but immensely pleasurable sensation coursing through your whole body.

Let’s break down everything you need to know about about electric nipple clamps!

Vibrating Nipple Toys - Are They For Me?

Nipples are lovely and absolutely deserve the attention, don’t you agree?

If you love good nipple play, such as pinching, tugging, twisting, or biting your peaches, then yes this ingenious sex toy is for you.

We at Safe-word have no doubt that vibrating nipple clamps will make you very, very happy. Once you get to that perfect sweet spot, you will be able to climax from nipple action alone.

They will not hurt you, only provide a sweet soothing, tingly sensation. Vibrating nipple toys are perfect if you wish to improve your sex game and achieve intense, toe-curling orgasms.

Electric nipple clamps will definitely change your life for the better because they allow hands-free stimulation so you and your significant other can have even more fun.

No less notably, these kinds of sex toys are known to help strengthen any relationship dynamic. The energy between you and your partner might take you to the height of total bliss.

Trust us; they are worth investing into.

What Do Vibrating Nipple Clips Feel Like?

As you can probably imagine, vibrating clamps feel fantastic. Let’s back this up with a little bit of simple science.

So, as you turn on this beautiful device, you will begin to feel the vibrations.

Those make your luscious nerve endings in your nipples flare up, causing a firing head-to-toe pleasure.

Kinksters around the planet adore these vibrating nipple toys for their ability to generate a wave of gentle yet powerful pain to surge through your nipples and breasts.

The restricted/reintroduced blood flow is responsible for the mind-blowing sensation coursing through the body while you play.

Most people say vibrating nipple clamps feel ultra sexy and kind of tingly, without any personal torment involved in the play whatsoever.

Yes, they can pack a pretty powerful vibration, but that does not cause any pain worth mentioning.

If you’re a bit timid, try the electric nipple clamps on your forearm first and see how that feels. You will learn that it’s not about the robust and painful stimulation but a pleasant soothing sensation.

Vibrating clamps nipple play will leave you feeling sweet from the intense orgasms you’ll be able to achieve. Our in house sex experts typically report increased sexual satisfaction, as well as self-confidence and bonding with their partner.

Electric nipple clamps contrast light pain and pleasure for your nipples that no other sex toy can do.

What are the Purpose of Vibrating Clamps?

As much as we would like to multi-task, we humans have only two hands.

So no matter how much you and your partner try, you may not be able to manually grip and stimulate the boobs constantly while being otherwise preoccupied.

Vibrating nipple clamps are here to help you reach new orgasmic heights without you or your partner having to use hands.

Vibrating clamps stimulate more body areas simultaneously, so your hands and mouth are free to do other fun things. While your hands roam, you will be able to feel the mind-blowing pulsations right where they provide the most pleasure. Your nipples, of course.

The science behind it is simple; the area in the brain that registers nipple play sensations is right next to the genitals and has some overlap.

Besides that, a pleasant nipple stimulation causes peripheral oxytocin release responsible for uterine and genital contractions, as well as warm and fuzzy feelings.

How to Use a Vibrating Nipple Clamp

(Beginner Friendly Guide)

vibrating breast clamp

Electric nipple clamps may sound daunting to first-time users, but on the contrary, they are straightforward and effortless to use.

You use them similar to regular clamps, only with vibrating ones; there is a button to push and start.

The “rules” are simple and similar to standard clamps.

You need to ensure your nipples are hard and ready to place the clamps.

Put them on, exploring a bit where they fit for you perfectly. Try and shift the tit clamps nearer to the top of your areolas (behind the nipple nub).

Simply adjust the pinch to your preference and enjoy some excellent vibrations.

Just to be on the safe side, use them for a maximum of five minutes to check how the intensity works for you. Provided that everything is okay and you’re enjoying nipple play, slowly increase the time and the tightness of the clamps.

When you’re done and removing them, never ever yank them off by pulling or ripping them off abruptly. Simply let the vibrating clamps ease back, and loosen them from one nipple at a time.

Cordless Vibrating Nipple Clamp or Cordless?

The fantastic thing about vibrating nipple clamps is that they offer extremely arousing, hands-free stimulation. Putting them on and having free hands to cover other parts of the body is incredible.

Moreover, the genius people behind these magnificent sex toys offer various options so you can find the best fit for you.

You can choose between the cord and cordless vibrating tit clamps. Which best serve your needs? That depends on how you like your nipple play – solo or with a partner?

Wireless vibrating nipple clamps are tiny wonders because they deliver thrilling pulsations to your nipples without dealing with bulky cards.

All they require is the push of a button, and you’ll set for an exhilarating nipplegasm. Those are ideal if you’re nipple playing with a partner.

Cords vibrating nipple clamps are more suitable for solo play. Not only that you can generally tune the vibration levels for a very customized experience.

If you are going to be enjoying electric nipple clamps with a partner we suggest you use cordless and if you are going for solo pleasure then using a vibrating clamp with a cord is more ideal.


Prepartion Before Using Vibrating Breast Clamp

If you’re playing with a partner, we recommend having a sincere and open conversation about your desires and expectations.

It’s wise to establish a safe word, just in case. However, as we’ve already said, vibrating breast clamps are secure and should not hurt.

The process before putting on vibrating nipple clamps is the same as with regular clamps. The first and most important thing is to get your nipples hard. You can do that with a little bit of heated foreplay of your choice.

Some water-based lubricant or arousal gel will definitely help with that, should you need it, of course.

Once boundaries are established and the nipples are properly lubricated and aroused you are ready to begin! Follow our steps below.

Pro-Tip: Make sure to use very minimal lubricant and water-based. Lubricants tend to make clamps slip off easier depending on your nipple size.

When using electric nipple clamps be sure to use minimal lube (water-based) because lube causes clamps with rubber grips to slip off.

Steps on Using Vibrating Nipple Clips

Here’s how you will correctly put your vibrating nipple toys on:

  1. Make sure your nipples are erect and ready for some exhilarating action.
  2. Open the clamp all the way up, put the clamps on without fully letting go, and slowly adjust the levels to secure the clamp on where it has a snug fit.
  3. Slowly tighten to your liking if you are looking for a tighter “pinch”.
  4. Leave the vibrating clamp for a minute to two, and then adjust more as needed.
  5. Once the clamps are are properly placed you can push the button and enjoy the pulsations
  6. Wear the vibrating nipple clamps during sex and remove them as soon as you start to climax.

When removing vibrating nipple clips, never ever pull, tug, or rip them off. Simply let them ease back, loosen the clamps from one nipple at a time.

Discuss the experience with your partner and check out your and their feelings.

What's So Great About Vibrating Nipple Clips?

(Are They Worth It?)

vibrating clamps

Vibrating nipple clips are a genius sex toy for combining sensations of pinching and vibration to give you both thrilling and soothing sensations at the same time.

You will not believe the amount and the intensity of pleasure coursing through your veins.

If you still haven’t tried these incredible sex toys you are missing out on a contrasting pleasure of pain and pleasure like none other.

See, vibrating nipple toys are among the fastest and most arousing ways to reach an eye-popping nipplegasm.

Let’s break down some facts about why vibrating clamps are worth the hype, and you be the judge yourself. Keep reading to learn more.

Vibrations Stimulate Nipples for Orgasms'

Nipples are fantastic.

When you pinch them, you get a sensation that is hard to describe but utterly fascinating. The rush of adrenaline and endorphins will send you into a heated frenzy with desire. The hormones, my friend, are what makes us feel alive and kicking.

If you’ve never experienced a nipplegasm, you have no idea what you’ve been missing out on.

Since nipples are packed with luscious nerve endings, they will burst with pleasure when you stimulate them properly.

Simply putting on your vibrating nipple stimulator will take you on an exciting kink journey since they look so freakin’ hot.

But, once you remove them, that’s when the real fun begins.

At this point, the blood rushes back into the tissue, which may cause not only intense sensation but heightened sympathetic arousal.

This fantastic combination can create a real rush or high for the receiver and even lead to nipple orgasms!

Hands Free Stiumlation of the Nipples

Vibrating nipple clamps are fantastic because they allow so much hands-free stimulation while providing mind-blowing sensations running throughout your whole body.

First of all, they are crazy hot. Aside from being one of the best sex toys, they also give you dual pleasures: vibration and pinching.

But more importantly, while your beloved vibrating clamps do their work of causing a wave of gentle but titillating stimulation surging through your breasts, you have free hands for other fun actions.

While your breasts are buzzing from pleasure, you can concentrate on other kinky pleasures – whether you’re playing alone or with a partner. While your body is basked in delight, your nipples will get constant stimulation and the climax they deserve.

Nipple orgasms', breast health promotion, and hands free play for your partner - what's not to love about vibrating nipple clamps?

Vibrating Nipple Clamps are Healthy for the Breast

Electric nipple clamps aren’t just one of the most underrated sex toys. These sexy wonders are actually healthy for the breasts.

Science has proven that nipple stimulation basically guards your breast health and boosts your immune system.

Nipple orgasms are essentially breast care because that kind of nipple stimulation reduces the risk of health issues with the breast.

Moreover, nipple stimulation techniques are nearly identical to the movements used in Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques to promote lymphatic flow.

And not only that. Vibrating nipple clamps can reawaken your senses.

For some people (women especially), the application of well-made vibrating nipple clips can stimulate otherwise desensitized body parts. This is particularly convenient for post-nursing breasts. This just proves that vibrating clamps aren’t just a kink tool; it’s also incredibly medically helpful. 

Research Behind Best Overall Vibrating Nipple Toys

Vibrating Nipple Clips

Water-proof and rubber coating with skin safe material, these electric nipple clamps are amazing!

Our sexperts loved the sensations and just ease of use with this vibrating nipple toy.

If vibrating nipple toys is something you are looking to get into these pink beauties are a great entry way in! They are the “bullet” of the nipple sex toy world.

Let’s break down all the details of how well this product performed and if this vibrating nipple clip is worth your hard earned money.

How Well Did The Nipplette Vibrating Nipple Toys Perform?

The first thing we noticed compared to other standard clamps is that the rubber coating had a very soft “touch” to it.

Out of all the clamps we ever got our hands on, we have to say that this vibrating nipple clip felt the closest to an actual life like skin to skin feel.

So with that being said, we loved that after we got the dial adjusted and the vibrations on, it really didn’t overwhelm us – especially the first time participants.

Some of our sexperts than increased the tension, played around with momentum movements (the body moving causes the pinch on the grips to tug more) and you can really get these bad girls to bring the desired pain to pleasure ratio.

All in all we loved how this vibrating nipple toy performed and we know you will too!

Perfect for beginners but the customization settings would make a PRO BDSM user happy as well.

What We Loved About The Best Overall Nipple Clamp

There are just a lot of little treats that come with this boob clamp!

Most clamps you cannot remove the rubber to wash and this poses an issue with rust on nipple clamps. We loved how you could slide the rubber off easily to wash.

The other thing we loved about this tit clamp was the triple chain necklace. First of all it looks stunning! The real purpose of the triple chain is to add extra weight on your nipples, so if the pain is not enough on the maximum dial the weight of the chains will give you more than the standard one chain nipple clamp. This means that this clamp can cater to absolute beginners and nipple pain junkies!

As we were testing one of our applicants unpinched one of the clamps to achieve a nipple orgasm and saw quickly that all the weight from the dropped clamp applied to the second nipple for even more delight. The possibilities with this nipple clamp are truly endless!

Research Behind Best Budget and Beginner Vibrating Nipple Toys.

electric nipple clamps

If you are looking for a electronic nipple clamp that is focused more on the vibration and less on the clamp, this is the toy for you.

With the soft rubber slip on nipple grips, this sex toy simulates a soft hold on the nipples rather than a pinch.

So if you are an absolute beginner and would like something less focused on pain and more on the vibration and pleasures of the nipples we definitely recommend checking this electric nipple clamp out.

Let’s break down how well this vibrating nipple toy worked for our in house testers.

Was the Nipple Slip On's Still Stimulating Enough?

Spoiler alert: if you love getting your nipples bitten, pinched, and want a bit of that pain pleasure then you may not be happy with this product.

Every person is uniquel different in their needs and wants and ontop of that every person’s nipples have different sensitivty levels. Some people prefer a gentler touch, such as when their parinters are giving a soft squeeze on the nipples.

This sex toy emulates that touch to perfection. The rubber grips do not clamp but rather slip onto the nipples snug.

This vibrating nipple toy is more focused on the sensations through the electronic vibes you get.

Currents of pleasure is given to your breast as the vibrations keep coming while you and your partner are hands free to focus on what you do best: making sweet love!

All in all, if you are ok with less painful pleasures then this vibrating nipple clip is perfect for you, and in no way does it deliver minimal pleasure all our testers loved the waves of sensations it brought.

The rubber grips are not pinch like and gives an actual life like feel of nipple play plus the vibration currents was a potent combination of pleasure.

Why These are the Best Beginners Vibrating Nipple Clips

First off! The price is great.

We found bad reviews but decided to test this product regardless.

Some users complained that it didn’t work well as their nipples were too small and some of our test participants did notice it had a harder time staying on with smaller nipples.

This sex product is equipped with a slide to fit (not sure if the reviewers knew) but we were able to get our sexperts nipples fully snug and the product held well. So with a little extra start up time for the first time to adjust the fit, you are good to go again and again.

The vibration on these toys were uniquely different. We are making an educated guess that because their is no separation in rubber coating from top to bottom, the sensations it delivered were unique and extremely pleasurable.

Sometimes products are faulty but we love the reputation of the seller as they have no issues sending you a new one if the previous did not work. So if you budget is low and you are looking for a great beginner electronic nipple clamp this is an absolutely great toy!

Just take your time to get the adjustment settings right the first time and it will be a breeze everytime after that.

Research Behind Best Premium Vibrating Nipple Clips

vibrating nipple clamp

Good electric nipple clamps are hard to come by.

Good premium vibrating nipple toys that have a fair price tag is even harder to find!

These nipple toys are absolutely wroth the price tag and have so many features we have just did not see with any of the other vibrating clamps.

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty about why this truly is the best premium vibrating nipple clamp.

The Future of Electric Nipple Clamps is Here!

Most vibrating nipple clips seem like just an after thought. We made sure to not include any product we felt was just a regular clamp with an added vibrator to it. 

We hate laziness and there is a lot of that in the sex toy industry!

What makes this product uiniquel different is that the clamps extend all the way out making it super easy to clamp to your nipples.

On top of that the vibrations of most electric nipple clamps are at the bottom, but these clamps vibrate directly in the clamps. This sends a new wave of sensation that trumps all the rest!

But wait! There’s more!

This vibrating nipple toy has 12 different vibrating sensations! That is a whole lot of settings that truly help you find your perfect hot-zone. And as an added bonus we loved that this sex product had an easy charging system that plugs right into your phone.

Now that’s awesome!


The only vibrating nipple toy that has 12 settings wirelessly and sends vibration directly into the clamp for maximum pleasure.

Why This Clamp Outperformed all the Other Vibrating Nipple Clips

The one issue we had with all clamps whether that be vibrating or not, is that they didn’t really factor in the positioning of the clamp. What we mean by this is that the way it rest on the body in comparison to how much movement that might occur.

This vibrating nipple clamp just seemed to fit the body perfectly. It did not sit on the body awkwardly and while we tested crazy movements this clamp held very well. This is a big deal!

You don’t want to have to constantly worry about your clamp during play with your partner because what’s the point in claiming hands free if you are constantly having to readjust?

So performance on these premium vibrating nipple toys was absolute amazing. And don’t forget about the 12 pleasure settings, the direct nipple vibrations, and the easy clamp system.

Absolute winner in our research.

Our Best Overall Vibrating Nipple Clips in our Favorite Color

vibrating nipple toys

This product was already reocmmended as our best overall for multiple reasons!

But the truth is some people just don’t like pink so we found another option from a reputable sit, with great shipping, and customer service in our favorite color: purple.

With the rubber coated, water proof grips these vibrating nipple toys can join you in the shower and that’s just the beginning. Let’s break down our research on this product.

Waterproof Vibrating Nipple Clips - Yes Please

What one of our testers did was left these charging in her bathroom and since she was a “self-tester” she would use these every time in the bath while using her showerhead to stimulate her clit region.

We thought that was ingenious enough to mention in our research section.

Unlike other vibrating nipple clips this is the only that really functioned well in water. So if you love “self-love” like we do this will turn your bath time into a magical unicorn pleasure filled hour.

Imagine the pinching sensation of the clamps, the vibration to the nipples, and the shower head on your lower regions. How amazing does that sound? Thanks Ericka for testing this product in such a unique way.

The collar on this breast clamp is perfect for offsetting weight for beginner nipple clamp users.

Why You Will Love These Vibrating NIpple Clamps

We tested a lot of vibrating nipple clips. And our participants had to test each and every one! 

That’s a lot of sore nipples so round of applause please for all our lovely sexperts! (Contact us if you are interested in becoming a participant).

We know that most people who are reading this content will be brand new and trying to find their very first vibrating nipple clip and that’s the reason we do what we do! No need to look at countless fake reviews, if we place our products in the top 4 recommendations you can be confident we truly believe in the products through experience not through speculation.

For beginners looking for a vibrating clamp that can really be a great from beginner to advance this nipple toy is truly the best.

You can get the clamps adjusted from light to tight and the vibrations are perfect in or outside water.

The best part is the rubber coating truly emulates the life like touch of skin to skin contact especially after it warms up a bit.

If this is your first time you will be absolutely happy with the product.


Why Trust Our Research?

Here at Safe-Word our team of sexperts buy dozens of sex toys to test them before ever stocking anything in our inventory. If we don’t have the perfect product we will recommend you to another site as not all the top 4 products we recommend are our products! We tested over 20 vibrating nipple clamps before placing any of them in our list to recommend. Unlike most sites our products are tested by real couples, real sex experts, and brand new toy users to give you all the details so you can have the most unforgettable night with your new electric nipple clamps!

If you have a suggestion for better vibrating nipple clamps feel free to contact us for us to test!


A vibrating nipple clamp is a genius invention that will make you feel very alive.

Vibrating nipple clamps will help you maintain arousal and stimulation for enhanced pleasure when you’re busy doing other fun things in the sack.

Go from gentle, teasing sensation to body-trembling titillation. The secret of this incredible sex toy is retaining the pinch tension while giving you free hands to enjoy other kinky pleasures.

If you’d like to experience extreme orgasms, you will adore these for their ability to immerse you in the wave of gentle but mind-blowingly stimulating sensation. The feeling is almost indescribable, but let’s just say you will feel the surge through your nipples through your whole body. This sensation comes from restricting and reintroducing the blood flow in your breast.

But with added vibration to it… You can only imagine the nipplegasms waiting for you.

All you need to do is get a pair of vibrating nipple clips and push the button for some excellent vibrations.

We hope our guide help you find your next favorite vibrating nipple clips or at least learn everything you need to know to find your next favorite vibrating clamps!

If you have any suggestions of products to test please feel free to reach out!

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