Weighted Nipple Clamps Super Guide (Best Nipple Weights of 2022)

(We Tested and Found the Best Nipple Weights)

If regular clamps are great, weighted nipple clamps must be better, right?

You are correct.

I’m guessing you wish to up your nip game a bit, right?

Well, congratulations, you’ve come to the perfect place to learn about all the beautiful things you can do and with your nipples using weighted clamps.

Trust us, nipple weights are excellent for bridging the gap from vanilla sex to light BDSM. If you enjoy having your nipples pinched, tugged, or even bitten, meet your new best friends: nipples weights.

weighted nipple clamps

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Best Weighted Nipple Clamps of 2022

Tested by Our Sex Experts!

Best Overall Nipple Weights: Triple Weighted Vice Grip

nipple clamps with weights

Best Overall Nipple Weights: Triple Weighted Vice Grip

Look beautiful with this triple-layered necklace nipple weight. The three premium chains are heavy and add additional weight but unlike other center gravity nipple weights the chains evenly distribute weight tension into the nipples! Perfect for beginners looking for their first weighted nipple clamp. Premium rubber-sleeved alligator clamps with adjustable dials give this nipple weight endless pleasure settings!

nipple weights

Best Cheap Nipples Weights: Weighted Tweezers

These amazing nipple clamps are amazing for beginners and are extremely easy to use. Set with an adjustable brace to tune into your perfect nipple tension setting and light-weighted adornment for a beautiful look while adding extra stimulation for your tits. Best of all the amazing price point is a no-brainer!

weighted clamps

Best Premium Weighted Nipple Clamps: The 4-Point Press

The 4-Point press with added weights made took our best premium spot for one simple reason: endless possibilities! You can adjust the press to focus on either top or lower portions of your nipples and once you find your most optimal tension point the added swing of the weights will bring added tugging sesantions to the selected points! Talk about amazing!

We Love this Nipple Clamp with Weight: Heavyweight Fetish Fantasy

Not too sure about our top 3 options? We included our 4th favorite pick from all the 20 nipples weights we tested! This beautifully weighted clamp has center gravity pull and premium alligator grips with comfortable rubber sleeves. The clamps have adjustment dials giving you endless tension options and did we forget to mention you will look absolutely stunning? What made this a great option was the price is just unbeatable!

What are Weighted Nipple Clamps?

(Everything You Need to Know)

nipples weights

Regular non-weighted clamps are still a powerful sex toy because they indescribably enhance pleasure.

If you’re wondering what are weighted nipple clamps then we can safely assume that this isn’t your first nipple play rodeo, so you probably already know why nipple play is so awesome.

Packed with luscious nerve endings that flare up when adequately stimulated, your tits can give you incredible orgasms. Regular clamps will undoubtedly do their job, but weighed ones… That’s a whole other sexy story.

Pinching, pulling, and tugging makes your nipples “scream” with pleasure. Different kinds of clamps give various sensations, and weighted clamps are crazy hot because they give you a more potent “tug” sensation than the necklace and regularly jewelry adorned clamps.

This sensation you cannot get from any other type of clamps. They give you a “tug” feeling you usually get from a partner. With weighted nipple clamps, you are the master of your own orgasm! Nice, huh?

Heavier clamps don’t necessarily add to the pain of the whole process. The astonishing thing about them is that they only add a pleasurable tugging sensation to your ta ta’s. Adding weights to clamps is a fantastic way to gradually increase the pain and pleasure during nipple play.

Weighted nipple clamps will also give you a tighter pinch and an extended sensation since the added weight intensifies the sensual stimulation of nipples. We at Safe-word like to say that these weighted tit clamps are pretty exotic and ideal for fetish and BDSM play. They are also suitable for first-time users, as well as experienced kinksters enjoying BDSM adventures.

Nipple Weights Equal a Tighter Grip

If you’re using weighted clamps for the first time, try them first on your finger, just for awareness of their power to pinch your ta ta’s.

Once you feel it, slowly place your clamps in the desired position, making sure you’re not pinching any extra skin.

A nice trick for folks who aren’t used to the BDSM-Esque sensations is choosing a pair that comes with an adjuster so you can ease your way into the level of pressure that works for you.

Nipple weights can cause a bit of pain, so we have a Safe-word wish to suggest you take some extra care and attention to your or your partner’s needs.

Make sure you have a meaningful conversation and establish a safe word before starting nipple play.

Check in with them here and there to make sure they are still having fun enjoying all the sensations.

Since pinching the tip of the nipple right out the gate may be a bit too painful at first, try placing the “jaws” at the back of the nipple against the areola.

Important tip: Never, ever suddenly clamp the clamps shut. Always determine where you want the pressure first, and then slowly close the jaws. Once nipple weights are on, you can adjust the tension as you play.

Tip for newbies: Tweezer clamps with rubber tips are the best for comfort and safe nipple play. You can constantly adjust the tightness of each clamp and are safe from potential scratches or bruises. These kinds are ideal for first-time experimental users and experienced BDSM explorers on the wild side. Everyone loves them.

Are Using Nipple Clamp Weights Safe?

If you’re a fan of nipple play and enjoy that sexy pinch feeling, you will definitely love clamping toys for your nipple.

Furthermore, if you like a bit more pleasurable pain in the sack, weighted clamps could be the thing you never knew you needed this much.

The weight is quite hefty but still comfortable, so these will be perfect when you’re in the mood for some severe nipple stimulation. And yes, they are entirely safe if you use them properly.

Luckily, you have us at Safe-word to teach you all the fun things you can do to your magic mountains without ever harming your precious nipples. After all, our nipple weights are made from health- and body-safe materials. Don’t worry; they won’t overload your caboodles.

Although they slightly resemble ancient torture devices, weighted nipple clamps are anything but. They are actually sex toys made to enhance sexual stimulation and allow a full-body endorphins rush starting in your boob tips.

Basically, weighted clamps allow you to add a little extra excitement to your nipple play by enhancing the pinch and tugging sensation.

They are entirely safe to have fun with. Just make sure that the pleasure lasts no more than 15 to 20 minutes since you’re cutting off the natural blood flow you want to remove them and let the blood rush back in then you can put them back on again.

Although Weighted Clamps may look intimidating they are perfectly safe!

Difference Between Weighted Nipple Rings and Nipple Weights

If you want to enjoy a soft, ongoing stimulation, weighted nipple rings are an excellent way to go.

They are basically piercings with some extra weight on them, and there are many to choose from.

Weighted nipple rings will ensure you’re extra satisfied, but if you want the real deal – opt for nipple weights. Both toys generally do the same thing; only weighted clamps give more intense pleasure and enhance your orgasm incredibly.

How to use Nipple Weights

(Beginner Friendly Guide)

nipple clamp weights

Nipple weights are just as easy to use as regular clamps.

Although they look intimidating to some, rest assured – you can only have fun with them.

There are many kinds of weighted clamps on the market, and all of them are relatively easy to use. Once you get the hang of it, nipplegasms are going to become a regular thing for you.

Let’s dive into the basics on how to use nipple weights!

Preparing the Nipples for Weighted Clamps

First things first; before and after every use, clean your clamps with a toy cleaner spray, so they’re ready for you next time you get some nipple play action.

Again, correctly putting them on and taking them off is the key to be completely safe.

With most clamp designs, all you have to do is gently squeeze the handles of each clamp to fit your erect nipple.

Position the sides over your nipple, and slowly release until you start to feel that sexy pressure and pinching sensation. Adjust the tightness if necessary, make sure that you are comfortable but still feeling a nice amount of pressure and delightful pain.

With using nipple clamp weights, there is always a potential for bruising, so it’s wise to use water-based lubrication before a session of nipple pinching to prevent friction. Water-based lubes are fantastic, but if you want to up your nipple game, try using a CBD-based lubricant because this king can increase blood flow to the area.

Remember to start slow.

Massage your entire chesticle area, gently brushing your nipples with your palms before directly engaging them.

Caress the boobs and experiment with the tightness of the weighted clamps to achieve the level of pain you desire. Use your mouth also; boobies will enjoy tongue, lips, and teeth play.

How to Apply Weighted Clamps to your Nipples (Step by Step)

Weighted clamps are a level up from regular clamps, so we at Safe-word suggest being extra careful and start slowly, working your way up. We recommend beginning with the clamps at the back of the nipple against the areola.

1. Apply a hardening arousal gel or lube to the nipples to increase and intensify nipple sensitivity
2. Start with a little bit of gentle foreplay. Tease the nipples until they become erect
3. Place the weighted clamps on the nipple or on the areola for different sensations.
4. Determine where you want the pressure to be, and then slowly close the clamp. Never, ever suddenly clamp the jaws shut.
5. You should feel a firm pinch and a dull, almost numb sensation from the squeeze.
6. Once weighted nipple clamps are on, adjust the tension accordingly.
7. Let gravity do its thing.
8. Wear the clamps during sex and remove them as soon as you start to climax.
9. Take them off by simply loosening the pressure and removing them.

Now that you know how to put the magic clamps on properly, start your nipple play and mix it up a little. We recommend alternating pulling, tugging, twisting, gripping, or tickling to achieve the ultimate nipplegasms.

Compared to non-weighted clamps, nipple weights should be kept on for a shorter duration. 15 minutes is a general rule of thumb.

How Long Should I keep Nipple Weights On?

Standard non-weighted clamps are typically safe to use for no more than 30 minutes at a time. But, since you’re thinking of trying weighted clamps, it would be wiser to adjust the length of the time you’re going to wear this super sexy toy.

To be completely safe, make sure to first play at the low end of the tension scale and work your way up. You can gradually build the tension to see how intense you like it. Remember – the most pleasurable moment comes at the moment you take your nipple clamps off.

Never leave weighted nipple clamps on for more than 15 minutes since you’re restricting your natural blood flow.

Also, take a peek at your nipples. How big are they? Some clamps cover a wider area and are preferred by people with more prominent nipples. The size of the clamp also affects sensitivity; small tips focus the pressure down to just one tiny spot instead of spreading the sensation out.

Be careful; if your nipple starts to turn blueish, that’s the clear sign that it’s time to take your nipple weights off. That’s when the real fun begins, anyway because as the blood rushes back in it brings a surge of pleasure. Once your blood flow returns to normal you can reattach your weighted tit clamps.

Important note: Don’t be alarmed if you find some bruising the next day, especially if you bruise easily. If this happens to bother you, just go looser next time you play.

After removing weighted clamps, you might feel some soreness and tingling.

One of the most essential pieces of advice here is to talk with your partner before playing. Establish a safe word, check-in with your partner during and after nipple play. Mind your emotions, and be sure not to force anything you’re may not be ready for.

Why Use Weighted Nipple Clamps at all?

(Are They Worth It?)

nipple clamps and weights

If you’re into a bit of delightful pain and love the pinch, trust us, weighted clamps are worth treating yourself with.

Weighted nipple clamps will give you the ultimate, yet painfully pleasurable orgasm and extended erotic play. Since there are many to choose from, you can reach the perfect level of nipple pleasure.

Has your imagination started to run wild yet?

Get this, the sensation you will get from weighted clamps is far more intensive than you get from regular non-weighted clamps. The additional pressure of the weight tugging your peaches will take things to a whole other level. You will achieve fantastic nipplegasms in less time.

Weights Equal a Faster Path to Nipple Orgasms

Weighted nipple clamps are perfect when you’re in the mood for some serious nipple stimulation.

Since the weight sways along with your moves, this sex toy is incredibly arousing when you have fun doing it doggy style. It’s a whole another dimension of nipple play!

Start gently by playing with your mushmellons until they become erect and ready.

Attach the clamps and have some fun! We recommend you use your creativity. Mix it up – alternate between pulling, twisting, tugging or gripping.

Using weighted clamps to reach that ultimate combination of pain and pleasure can tip you right over into a mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasm.

Pull roughly, then release and enjoy the sensation.

Nipple Clamp Weights Deliver More Pleasure

Since they are weighted, these clamps will give you orgasms you never thought were possible. Use a nice tight grip to cut off the blood supply, and when the time is right, remove the weighted clamp.

The blood will rush back and make your nipples extremely sensitive to any kind of stimulation. The slightest touch will feel like a bolt of lightning.

The weight on the clamps gives extra stimulation by delivering a more life-like tug and pull sensation!

In the next section, we are going to show you weighted nipple clamps deliver sensation like no other sex toy can to your nipples. Keep reading to find out!

Weighted Nipple Clamps deliver the most pleasure to your nipples through "whip-lashing" movements.

Whiplash Sensation on Nipple Weights

Nipple-clamps are hot as hell.

Weighted nipple clamps are even more alluring.

Firstly, the weights move the pressure downward, thus adding a tugging and pulling sensation to the normal force which regular non-weighted clamps provide.

Pulling your nipples downward creates a painful but delightful pulling sensation as they stretch.

No less importantly, they look freaking’ sexy because as you and your partner play, your nipples are getting pulled and tugged with every single move you make.

Some of the weighted nipple clamps have various accessories on them, such as tassels, bells, or other dangling ornamentals. As you play with your breast, they move, swing, and ring as you dance in orgasmic ecstasy.


Research Behind Best Weighted Nipple Clamps

nipple clamps with weights

There are so many reasons we loved this weighted nipple clamp! Perfect for beginners it’s the perfect first-time nipple weight.

This was the only weighted clamp that didn’t have the intimidating feel or look of most common nipple weights.

With three necklaces beautifully layered this clamp looks amazing on anyone! But pause on the weights for a moment, the clamps themselves are premium alligator vice grip with comfortable rubber sleeves. 

More on that later! Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of our testing and details on this amazing sex toy.

How did the Necklace Weights on this Clamp Feel?

Most standard non-weighted clamps come with one necklace made from fairly “hallow” or cheap metal.

Right when you take this beauty out of the package you can feel the weight in your hands. Every link in all three necklaces is made from quality metal giving it ample weight.

What we loved the most about this weighted nipple clamp was that, unlike most nipple weights that have a large dropping weight, this clamp evenly distributed the weight. 

Our experts all agreed that this was the most comfortable of all the weighted clamps.

The high quality, triple layered necklace, produced an even distribution of weight unlike most other weighted clamps.

How Did this Weighted Necklace Clamp Perform?

It’s important to note that the purpose of weighted clamps is that the weight causes the clamps to pull a bit. This gives you a “tugging” sensation as if your partner would pinch and tug your nipples.

The magic happens through our good friend momentum! The more your body is moving the more the triple chains move and this causes this tugging sensation hands-free!

So enjoy all your favorite positions with your partner, from cowgirl to doggy style, and get the gentle whiplash momentum from these nipples weights!

Research Behind Best Budget and Beginner Nipples Weights

nipple weights

New to the nipple pleasure world?

One of the fastest ways to get started is with tweezer-style weight clamps. 

They are easy to use, have more pinpoint precision when clamping, and the weights are perfect for added sensation!

Let’s dive into the details on this product from our research.

How Well Did These Beginner Nipples Weights Perform?

Tweezer-style clamps are always much easier and simpler to use.

Putting these nipple weights on was extremely simple and that’s what we loved so much about it.

Some clamps can take time to put on and when you are in the heat of the moment it’s nice to be able to take them off and put them back on easily.

The performance was great, they held strong where some clamps would pop off because of the weights.

We recommend less lube if none at all, because the rubber sleeves do counteract with the lubricant.

One of the easiest weighted clamp to attach and detach during play - and that's extremely important.

Why This is the Best Weighted Nipple Clamp for Beginners?

Most people reading this article will be beginners and we understand you don’t want a giant ball and chain dragging down on your nipples.

The clamps themselves are extremely beginner-friendly and can help you enter into the world of weighted clamps with a very little learning curve.

The weights didn’t extend too far which also added to the performance. Some nipple weights have much longer chains and this causes issues at times with adjusting or repositioning. 

All in all, we just felt this weighted clamp was super easy to deal with, work with during play, attach and detach, and still gave added stimulation.

It’s a no-brainer!

Research Behind Best Premium Nipple Weights

weighted clamps

Our guards were up on this one! Who in their right mind wants to screw four points into their nipples?

We tested dozens of clamps and surprisingly this one felt amazing and had endless customization options.

Let’s break down why this 4-press weighted system is the best premium clamp.

How Did the 4-Press System work with the Weights?

What we instantly loved about these best-weighted nipple clamps was the endless possibilities.

Most clamps just have a standard two-sleeve grip. While tweezers give you a more precise grip nothing gives you options like a 4-press nipple weight system.

You first screw the 4 points in evenly until you have a nice snug grip. After that, you begin playing around with screwing certain presses in tighter.

This allows you to explore different sensitivity points within your nipples. You may find that the top portion of your nipples enjoy more tension than the lower and you adjust accordingly.

Once you have the perfect settings locked in and you begin engaging in movements you will feel the weights swing and cause a tugging and pulling sensation on those trigger points you set.

The feeling was absolutely amazing! If you are into tit pleasure we highly recommend you experience this pleasure device!

The 4-Press system combined with the weight ball gave the most fine tuned nipple pleasure experience.

How Well Did This Weighted Clamp Hold Up During Play?

While this product was amazing we did experience some slight issues with the whiplashing making the clamp pop off.

This was because as Laila was testing she had the bottom presses pushed in much further than the top. You want to first begin by moving all presses in evenly until the clamp will hold well.

From there you can adjust and add extra pressure. Don’t worry if it doesn’t feel like enough pressure because the whiplashing will enhance the tension point areas you selected on the nipple tenfold!

That was the only issue we recorded and all other participants found that this clamp held up perfectly well! While it does take time to set this weighted clamp up it gave us such fine-tuned experiences that you really just can’t complain! No other nipple weights can give you such a unique experience.

We Loved this Weighted Nipple Clamp and We Know You Will Too!


It was a tough choice as we tested over 20 different types of nipples weights!

We loved the pricing on this weighted clamp, but it didn’t make the best budget option but is still a really great alternative choice.

The style of this clamp mimics a beautiful necklace with a black onyx stone, but of course, the adornment is meant for added weight to the nipples.

Let’s break down how well this product did and how they center gravity weight felt.

How did the Center Gravity Weight Feel on This Clamp?

This is the only clamp we recommended that was a center gravity clamp. What this means is that all the source of the weight for both nipples is pulled by one weight source.

Center gravity clamps create a tension pull directing the nipple tug inwards rather than down.

So if you are particular in how you like your nipples pulled and you prefer them pulled down and more towards the center then this is the perfect sex toy for you!

The whiplash on this is also minimized a bit but if in the doggy position it is extremely great!

This beautiful nipple weight looked stunning on our testers, performed well, and had an amazing price tag.

Why Did We Love This Nipple Weight?

There were many reasons we loved this sex toy! The price tag was amazing! 

On top of the price, this nipple weight will leave you looking beautiful while giving you added sensation no regular non-weighted clamp.

If you are looking for a weighted nipple clamp that performs well and looks beautiful on you, and has the best price of all the nipples weights than this is the best pick!


Why Trust Our Research?

Here at Safe-Word our team of sexperts buys dozens of sex toys to test them before ever stocking anything in our inventory. We tested over 20 weighted clamps from cheap factory-built to premium handmade nipple weights!

Our experts tested various clamps and documented their experience based on comfort, tension, orgasm, pain, and so much more.

Then we input more data points such as price, company shipping, customer experience, and packaging. We found the best-weighted nipple clamps so you can make sure your money is spent on only the best.

All of our articles are updated every three months so look out for new nipple weights that may enter our top 4 list! 

If you have a recommendation please reach out to let us know so we can test it against the current nipple weights on this page!


Weighted nipple clamps are amazing for so many reasons.

We discussed how nipples weights add extra stimulation giving you the feeling your tits are being pulled and tugged “hands-free”.

Weighted clamps also can help lead you to orgasms through the nipple faster than standard clamps can, and best of all the momentum help swing the nipple weights to give you a burst of extended pleasure.

We recommended 4 of the best nipple clamp weights tested by our experts!

We hope our experiences with these nipple weights has help you find your next favorite sex toy!

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